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Har du funnet noen feil på denne siden?

21. jul 2014 kl. 9:31

Dear Sir/Madame,
on Sunday 20th July, my colleague and me went to the service station of Statoil in Lagårdsveien at 14:45. I asked for a packet of cigarettes, among other things,and i made a friendly comment to the employee on the cash cause he was so serious and rude, so I told him "smile, its a beautiful day :-)".
We were shocked by his answer, he literally said: "its not your business if I smile or not , so buy your things and leave" so we decided to leave our things and not buy anything there.
You have lost two customers just because of your employee behavior.
I wanted to warn you about this , as it doesn't make any good for your business.

Best regards

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